Christian began Crossfit in May of 2013 after needing a complete lifestyle change. Being married to his best friend and having two wonderful children it was time to better himself for them and to promote a healthier lifestyle. He became addicted to the Crossfit mentality immediately and obtained his Crossfit L1 in August of 2014. Christian graduated high school from Archbishop Hannan in 1996 where he excelled in football and baseball. He holds a Bachelor of Science and Education degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and is a former teacher and high school baseball coach.


Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Beau Dupuis

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

Caitlin Gagliano

Trey was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 when he was looking for a different method of working out; when he tried it, he was immediately hooked. He had to stop CrossFit because of time restraints with playing football for his high school team. He started back in 2013 and thats when he began with us at Fueled CrossFit. He has completed his Level 1 and has been competing ever since. He loves competing and getting closer to his goals every day. He also loves long walks on the beach. 

Kenny Gagliano

Caitlin has been training and coaching CrossFit since
April of 2013. She has been involved with the fitness
industry since graduating from Destrehan High
School in 2004, where she played soccer. She has a
Behavioral Science Degree from Southeastern
Louisiana University. Caitlin loves the feeling that she
gets from seeing how far she can push her body,
recovering, and coming back for more the next day.

Corey began CrossFit in December of 2013 after years of being unhappy with his level of fitness.  After graduating from St. Charles Catholic in 2006 where he was a multi sport athlete, he attended the University of Louisiana Lafayette.  When he first started CrossFit, he was only looking for a different way to get into shape.  Since then, he has become very passionate about the sport and the community. He has dedicated hundreds of hours to helping others become the best possible version of themselves while training himself to one day be an elite competitor. 


Head Trainer

Zno Green

Zno has been actively involved with Training at
Fueled CrossFit since 2013. After playing Varsity
Soccer and graduating from Destrehan High School
in 2005, he has continued his active lifestyle.
Continuing education after high school, Zno has
received a degree in Process Technology Besides his
love for food, he has been passionate about CrossFit
since day 1. Competing in numerous events, he has
been very successful.

Leigh Smith

Corey Clay

Izell Williams

Izell has been actively training at Fueled CrossFit for
over a year now. After being hooked on day 1, his
goal is to become the best athlete, while at the same
time, helping everyone else achieve their individual
goals. After graduating from John F. Kennedy High
School, where he played football, he continued his
education with a degree from ITT Tech.

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Leigh is a Registered Nurse with an Emergency Department background. She tried CrossFit for the first time in January of 2012 and was immediately hooked. She obtained her L1 in Sept 2012 and has spent many hours since training and pushing others to experience the community she loves. She has participated and volunteered in many competitions, including volunteering on the medical team at the CrossFit South Central Regional Games in 2014. 

Christian Capella

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Trey Esponge

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Kenny has been active in training for crossfit for a
couple of years now. He has always been into sports
and fitness, both recreational and on a competitive
level. He is a graduate of Destrehan High School,
class of 2005 and he holds a Bachelors of Science
from The University of New Orleans. Kenny has been
competing in crossfit, since March of 2012. After
falling in love with the sport since day one, Kenny
has always loved coaching everyone and seeing all
of the progress that has been made.

Beau has also been training side-by-side with Kenny since 2012. Graduating from Destrehan High
School in 2005, he too has been actively involved in
sporting and fitness. Beau has competed in numerous
crossfit competitions across the region and has had

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