5 Storehouse Lane

Destrehan, Louisiana 70047


Fueled CrossFit is one of a select few Reebok Recognized CrossFit gyms in the South!!

I am proud to announce that Fueled CrossFit has become a part of the Reebok Recognized Facility program.  This is a great partnership for our gym and it a direct reflection of our wonderful coaching staff, amazing members and presence in the CrossFit community. Congratulations to everyone and good luck on what this has to bring!

Reebok Recognized is a commitment between Reebok and the affiliate. The program is designed to build strong, authentic and mutually beneficial relationships with partner affiliates. The goal of Reebok Recognized is develop these relationships through increased in-person communication, active feedback loops, unrivaled customer service, and community support.


Reebok strives to partner with affiliates that demonstrate outstanding commitment to the brand and represent the core values of community, humanity, integrity, and diligence. We support our Recognized partners through exclusive benefit programs and active engagement. We seek to add value to the partner affiliate at every level. In turn, the Reebok Recognized affiliates provide a valuable link to the community, and they proudly represent the Reebok brand through their appearance, words, and actions.  We hope to forge an enduring relationship with our Recognized affiliates based on loyalty, service, and trust.

Simply put, this means that you are now an athlete who is trained by  a facility that has become a part of a Reebok™ recognized facility, which strives for excellence! This also means Fueled CrossFit will have exclusive benefits for its athletes and access to Reebok resources for training and events.